2nd Annual Fibromyalgia Summit

-Sleep Disturbance?

-Depressive Mood?

-Multiple Muscular Pains?

-Decreased Energy?


It’s Not In Your Head.  The label Fibromyalgia is termed a “wastebasket diagnosis” because it was thought there is nothing you can do to treat it.

The presenters at this summit don’t agree.  There are a community of healers that are able to get people to move, eat, sleep and get back into society successfully.  No denying that it takes effort to achieve but with the right team, the concrete suit some people accept as normal can be broken.  Represented at this conference:

-physical therapy



-energy healing

-compounding pharmacy

-medical marijuana

The team I have assembled will present their success stories and how we can serve you.  There will be opportunity for questions and answers so bring us your toughest obstacles and let us help.

Advocate Sherman Hospital, 1425  N Randall Elgin 60123

Medical office building 4th floor conference room


reservations required please CLICK HERE

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